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Nerd Humor

Thursday, 6 December 2007 11:40 pm Comments off

If you don’t read the Official Playstation.Blog from Sony, you really should be. Its really good and is a daily staple of my blog diet, along with the Gamerscore Blog from Microsoft. I don’t have either console ( 360 or PS3) , but I really enjoy reading the posts.

Take this recent post from Jason Coker, Associate Producer of the PlayStation Network title PAIN for PS3:

What I CAN tell you is that it has been a blast to work on. It hasn’t been easy, but it sure has been hilarious. Here are just a couple of the gems I’ve heard (or said):

* “Coker, can you write up a description of a little person hip-hop pirate right quick?” (Yeah, I had the same reaction. You’ll see.)

* “Ummmm….who did the voice-over for that? That’s nasty.”

* “Hey man, if I get you a big glass of water, can you step into the recording booth and belch for about half an hour?”

* “Check the Leaderboards, Son. Spank. The. Monkey.”

* “Dude, I just really don’t think the farts are loud enough.”

* “Did you just grab that Granny by her head? Do it again! Do it again!”

* “That’s him right there. We call him the Ooch Master. He can’t be touched.” (You know who you are at Idol Minds, and I’m coming for you. The student has become the Master, baby!)

* “OH, *&%*!! THAT *^&%*#@ DONUT!!!!!!”

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PS3 Firmware Update

Tuesday, 24 July 2007 12:04 pm 2 comments

I’m not lucky enough to own a PS3 yet, but the Firmware updates are coming thick and fast. Version 1.9 has been released. it follows 1.81 and 1.82, both from last month. I’ve never seen updates come out so fast for such a “new” machine.

Sony has embraced the digital age and is racing to catch up with Microsoft and its Xbox Live service.

Not only that, but they are actively taking feedback from the public through Playstation.Blog.

All I can say is that this round of The Console Wars will be fought with Value Added Content over Networks, suggested  by Loyal Gamers intent on the world domination of their console.  And I don’t mean the Wii :) .

Inside the Developers Studio

Wednesday, 11 July 2007 7:58 pm Comments off
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